Vacation Work
by Nightshade

Sinsya tried to keep her anger in check. "Look, I'm working on something, can't you see?! Go away!"

Moe moved back, his hands up in surrender. "Sorry boss! Just wanted to help, really I did..."

"Where's Joe? Why don't you two play a game or something?"

"Like what, boss?"

"Yeah, like what boss?" Joe, Moe's twin brother, walked in the room. Put together, they have a quarter brain. The thought put a smile on Sinsya's face.

"What'ya smilin' about, boss?" asked Joe.

"Yeah, yeah! Why you smile boss?!" piped in Moe.

"'Cuz I just thought of somethin'." Sinsya turned to the twins, both of whom were nothing more than walking sticks. "You both go out and play!" she smiled.

The twin faces lit up. "Really?!" exclaimed Moe.

Joe tugged at his brother's vestguard. "Bet I'll beat ya to the mountain top!" he challenged and started off.

"Hey!" Moe pouted for a moment before running after his brother.

Sinsya smiled. Those two are really something! Idly she remembered that the Tree Palace conference was into its fourth day. The invitation, addressed to the Scorpion Army, had been given to Sinsya almost two weeks before. It had been signed by a Sage Luka, a person whom Sinsya had heard a lot of good about. However, with Moe and Joe pleading, and she feeling a bit edgy herself, the three agreed to take a small vacation.

But never would they have thought that a seemingly innocent vacation would be something more.

Sinsya went out of the cave and surveyed the land. Aloud she sighed. Never in my life did I believe I'd come back to Denume! I remember grandfather - I haven't forgotten.

A figure came walking toward her from about 80 paces. "Good day Sinsya!" the man greeted cheerfully.

"I haven't made up my mind, Alian." Sinsya flatly replied.

"Come now? Why not!" Alian smiled as he sat down beside her. "I'm not asking you to be a Ranger, just to help us out a bit."

"Yeah, and why us to help? Why not someone else?"

Alian heard the slight fear in her voice. "Well, you guys aren't at the conference. Secondly, you know the Rangers are only now concerned to set the record straight on what happened at Ialito, Qunywre and Zamkara - not to mention Oudine and Balance City..."

And Denume... "I have to talk to the twins about it... " replied Sinsya, as she got up and walked to where the twins played tag.

Alian grinned. "I'm here to serve, lady." Sinsya stopped and turned around.

"Get over it Alian. I'm not available!" and with that she marched away in anger.

Alian laughed to himself. Get over what? I haven't even started! He sat down on a rock and looked at the devastated plain below. A few minutes of silence ensued, and he was left to his own thoughts. Denume... Capital of the Light Tribe... I haven't forgotten either... Brushing away his own yellow bangs, he went to the base of the mountain path and decided to follow Sinsya.

"TAG!!!" yelled Moe suddenly, as he crashed into Alian from seemingly nowhere. Alian didn't budge, but Moe went to the ground in pain.

"Oww... " Moe muttered, curled into a fetal position.

Alian crouched over the injured man. "Are you alright?" he asked worriedly. He had always been a softie when it came to his friends. As he made sure Moe was alright, Alian barely heard Sinsya yell, "Watch out!"

Too late, and Joe met his brother's fate. As the twins writhed on the ground in agony, Sinsya came up from behind Alian and scolded them. "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't run!" she sighed.

"Denume strikes again?" Alian asked.

Sinsya nodded. "Yeah... there's something in the air around here that just brings out the worst in every Light Tribesman... " she looked at Alian, "The answer's yes, but don't you dare get any ideas!"

"Yes?" the smile and expression of Alian's face hid nothing.

Sulking, Sinsya walked toward the cavehut where they had been camping out. "We go to the doorway tomorrow." Turning, her purplish-red cape whipped in the wind. "I thought we'd have a vacation, but there always seems work to be done!" She sighed and entered.

Alian followed her. I agree... entirely.

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