The Creation of Mana
by Nightshade

In the words of the Storyteller:

When it all started, there was nothing but darkness. Then one day eight points of light appeared. They were the Elementals. Standing in a circle, they silently conjured up an image of the perfect harmony keeper, a Tree. They each placed a part of them with the Tree, and the Tree began to live. They silently agreed that the Tree looked good and perfect.

Then the Tree looked around, and saw nothing but darkness and nothingness. It then despaired, and wished in its heart that it wasn't so desolate. The Elementals heard the Tree's crying and understood. They knew its despair and loneliness, since they came to this area to be free of their own sadness. They envisioned then a world of complete good and harmony, peace and love. Of course, they had been told that would take much time, and many hardships would come to pass before that vision would come true.

So each Elemental left the Tree, and departed in separate directions. Each had a vision of what a perfect world should be. They had discussed it earlier, and knew what to do in order for each world to interact peacefully. The Tree just stood in the same place where it was created, watching the work done by its parents, its creators. It understood the plans, and silently smiled as they came to pass.

When each world was finished, the Elementals and the Tree gathered. Looking at each other, and at their work, they smiled. Then the Tree came to understand the process of thought and idea. It envisioned beings in the newly-created worlds, happy and prosperous. The Elementals saw this idea, and wondered. They saw the beings that the Tree thought up, and wondered how they could come about. Indeed, they did not like the idea of other living things capable of thought, for that led to sorrow and despair on other dimensions. As the Elementals pondered and debated, a despairing sadness fell on the gathered.

Then the great Creator came, and saw the work that the Elementals had done, and the thoughts of the Tree. The great Creator smiled at all that was done, and said that he was proud. Seeing the sadness and despair of the gathered, he said not to worry. A dimension was dying, a dimension where innocent suffered and hate was power. He would allow the Elementals to go to that world and take those that would make their worlds and dreams come true. Beings that would share the Elemental's vision.

The Elementals and the Tree rejoiced in this. They would no longer be alone, and would have others to share their visions. The great Creator then brought the eight Elementals to the dimension, and set them off in search of those with their vision.

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