Sunrise, Sunset
by Nightshade

The sun rose over the great waterfall. It was one of the most beautiful sights that had ever been created, and Faith was finally able to witness it. It was no ordinary sunrise - the diffracted light went into uncountable colours, blinding the unprepared. Smiling, the woman closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. She had not been allotted this kind of peace in centuries, and her senses knew it wouldn't last.

A jolt ran through her, and instinctively her right hand went to her swollen belly. She was due anytime, and was praying it wouldn't be a birth-and-run like Suicide's had been. Pausing, she tried to find her friend. You're close....

Of course I am silly! came the telepathic reply.

Telepathy wasn't a gift, but a skill honed from being close to someone for many millennia. It was now the only safe means of communication, since the Underworld couldn't track or trace it. Even now, having lost her pursuers, Faith knew she had to be careful.

Moaning softly, she turned away from the waterfall and into the forest. The trees would shelter her, since she was the High Priestess. The title didn't seem to matter much anymore, though Valencia was begging her to return. Shutting out the messages and memories, she found a little grove and sat down. Leaning against a tree she reflected on her life and smiled. "I have no regrets, regrets are a waste of energy."

A stab of pain coursed through her, making her give a low cry. Out of the shadows Suicide appeared. "Damn woman, I've been trying to find you for days!" grinning, the newcomer lifted Faith's skirt. "Shit!!! It's coming!"

Faith gave a wary smile. "I know. I was hoping you'd get here soon. I helped your labour."

Suicide stuck out her tongue. "Blah. You know I'd help. Now, one push is all ya need."

Two cries rang through the forest, from both mother and son. "Well cutie, it's a boy!" Faith nodded. Suicide cleaned him up. "Hell, he looks like his dad!"

"I know."

"It's Serin's right?"

Faith nodded. "Suicide, do me a favour. Less than a mile from here is Pata. They call it Potos now." She made a dismissive gesture. "Can you take him there for me? I can't move and they're coming."

At that the trees seemed to wither. Sighing heavily, Suicide nodded. "They almost got me in Northtown too." Kissing each other on the cheek, they parted.

A few minutes later, as Faith slept, the hunters arrived. The Underworlders' eyes were covered with protective glass, and they carried anti-Mana weapons. Their leader emerged and hit Faith awake.

"See you in Hell Faith." he grinned, and the four hunters aimed their weapons at her.

Faith acted calmly. "You can't kill me with those. Besides Thanatos, you don't know how to."

The lead hunter became enraged. He fired his weapon, and within five seconds she was incinerated. "I will kill you, if it's the last thing I do!"

With that, they left into the sunset.

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