Fateful Flower
by Nightshade

Keven Balance stopped to pick up a flower he had almost stepped on. It somehow reminded him of the knight he, Leanne and James had seen after their battle with Dark Lich. Both the ghost and the flower seemed powerless and helpless against Fate. Like they both knew what was to be done next.

As he studied the purplish-blue flower, he saw its leaves and petals start to wither. This flower is like my past. All the events that happened before I found the Sword are like a dream to me now.

Standing in the gardens of the Tree Palace, Keven felt more at home than ever. I'm finding where I belong - and it's not Potos. That thought left him saddened. As if the flower sensed his sorrow, it leaned its petals toward him and beckoned him to smell its scent. Smiling, Keven obliged.

A flood of memories came racing into his mind. Though they weren't very clear, Keven could place them to when his mother was still in Potos. The flower's scent was the same as hers. Gently Keven lifted his head from the flower and stroked the soft petals.

A light gust of wind stirred, and the slowly withering petals were blown away. Keven stood and watched. The flower knew it its time was coming soon, and gave into Fate. The ghost knight knew where he was going after we had set him free. Just who was that ghost, anyway?

The Sword suddenly became heavy at his side. Kneeling, he placed the flower stem on the grass. As he stood, his left hand encircled the Sword's hilt. Keven surveyed the distant gathering. They gather for peace. It is a noble purpose. But at this moment I am like that flower. I am like that knight. My instincts tell me that peace is yet to come, and that it was foolish to put the Sword back in the stone, to let it rust until my children seek it out.

He caught sight of Leanne waving frantically at him. Grinning, he walked towards her, and to the hope of peace.

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