Elemental of Darkness
by Nightshade

There was a city of trees and concrete. Of beauty and evil. An Elemental was drawn to this city, for a reason he knew not. Straining to hear in this foreign world, a soft crying reached him. It penetrated the soul he owned, for it was the crying of an innocent. The city was large, and there seemed no rush. So the Elemental followed to sound of the crying. Over multitudes of people he passed, searching. He even debated on whether to go to the great Creator and ask for his help in the search. In the end he decided to search alone, in the unknown world.

As he neared, the crying became louder and louder. It was deafening his ears and tearing his soul. He finally came to a building, tall on a hill. The building was sectioned off into little cubicles. The Elemental knew that beings actually lived in these cubicles, and that he didn't need a place to live in order to survive. Listening, he picked out the cubical where the crying being was, the being that was drawing him with curiosity at how someone could live with such pain. Moving through the air unseen, the Elemental went over to the window that the crying being was in.

Boxes were everywhere. It seemed as though the being was a nomad, and never living in one spot for long. The being had left the room for awhile, and the Elemental took the time to survey the area. Personal objects were everywhere, but mostly in the boxes that lay everywhere. What appeared to be items for cleaning were placed on a desk, a rag looking half-used. The sleeping apparatus was strewn with objects, as were shelving and a chair.

A sound came from the door, which seemed to seal up the area from the rest of the cubical. A being came in, tears flowing down her face. Carrying an object, she sat down on the bed and looked at the object longingly. Reaching over, she took another flimsy object out of a box and wiped her eyes and nose. The Elemental realized that the girl couldn't see him, though he could see her. Not just her physical appearance, but her spiritual soul. The physical body didn't do the soul's beauty justice, which saddened the Elemental. He wanted to know why she was crying, why the object she held and caressed seemed to sadden her.

A fear gripped him however, that this was a moment that was not very rare to witness among these beings. These beings lived fear, hatred and wariness.

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