A Mite of History
by Nightshade

In the words of StoryTeller:

"Many have wondered how humans came to be. It's a tale that cannot truly be told, since only the Great Creator knows. The Elementals have a fleeting idea, but not the entire picture. I personally do not believe that any one being knows, and believe it to be better that way. What my tale to you is how we all came to this wonderful world.

"In many ways the First Ones have had tragic lives. Born in another dimension, freak accidents opened the walls and allowed the passage. Instinct was our only survival, and we trusted no one. I remember myself the first day I met Lumina. She was so kind, almost childlike in her curiosity. I, on the other hand, did not know her, so I did not trust. I look back at that meeting and laugh, but at the time I would have scorned.

"No one had ever seen the other before. The first time we all had met it was, quite frankly, an amazing experience. The only thread that kept the gathering together was that we were all alone and surviving. It was also at that meeting we became what we have become to be known as: First Ones.

"I believe it is First Ones in the sense that we are the first humans. The Elementals all loved us, and in time that love was returned. It is hard to describe that meeting's atmosphere, or precisely what occurred. No, it isn't a blur to me - I see it all clearly. It was when we all became Immortal.

"Now, when I say Immortal I don't mean that we can't be hurt. We are all very easily hurt, both physically and mentally. Our wounds cause pain, our words anguish. But no matter what, we will never die in the sense of never coming back - it is only a resting period, when we retreat to the Field of Warriors.

"I watch the world, I have seen its hurts. I was there when the Mana Fortress first rose. I wept at its sight, the horrific beauty that it was flying high above the lands I had helped to build with my own hands. I was there when the Underworld rose twice to overtake Mana, using the Fortress. And my heart was joyful to see the Mana Sword bring it down both times.

"I was there when the blade was first made. I myself put the first inscriptions on it, and I believe they are still visible. I smile on those happy days, and long for them to come. For though the Fortress is destroyed, the Underworld is not. I hope that one day the gates to the Field of Warriors be opened, so that what should have happened long ago is finished. The destruction of evil."

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