River of Time
by Luna Manar


They all stood at the base of the Potos falls: Warren, Dirk, Flammie, Arno, Zerlina, Joch, Neko, Drek, Briana, and Malina.

Brisbe stood in the center of the pool, gazing at a certain person he had longed to see for a long time.

Malina, accompanied by Warren and an ever-chittering Drek, waded out into the shallow water, came close to her long-lost friend. She gazed up at him, fighting back the urge to cry.

"It's been so long..." she started, "I've missed you so much."

Brisbe gazed down at her warmly. He had missed her, too. More than anything else, he had missed her. Even now, her golden hair turned silver, she seemed the most beautiful sight in the world to him. Their gazes locked, but this time, no one pulled away from the other. Neither one could. Everything that had to be said was said. Everything that had to be shown was seen. All words and images were shared in that gaze.

Brisbe reached out his hands, slowly, toward Malina. She did the same. It couldn't possibly work, they both knew, but they had to try it anyway.

Their hands met. They didn't pass through. For a few, brief moments, their souls were one, their thoughts the same.

"Well if that don't beat all?" Drek breathed.

His hands, Brisbe suddenly became aware of himself, was a bit embarrassed. He grinned down at Drek. Then, gazing back to Malina, he spoke.

"Um...there's someone else here, who I was able to find who....wants to see you."

Malina looked confused.


Brisbe smiled. "You'll see." was all he said, then beckoned toward the falls. Two ancient Mana Knights emerged from the spray, bringing with them....

"Dyluck!" Malina breathed. The blond man gazed at her, a smile windening on his face. He had never dreamed that he would ever see Malina again, and as he passed Brisbe, laid an obliged hand on the Mana Knight's shoulder.

He turned to Malina, smiling.

"I see he took care of you well."

Malina nodded.

"He never broke his word."

The two walked over to a nearby stone, where Malina sat down, began telling Dyluck of the past years.

Drek took his turn to speak to Brisbe.

"Alright. Now ya gotta tell me how you pulled that stunt off up there. What went on?"

Brisbe rolled his eyes an smiled. Same old Drek.

"I will tell you later. Right now, I need to talk with Warren."

Drek frowned and put his hands on his hips.

"Aw, Bris, you never tell me anything. You'd think that after bein' dead fer fifty-something years, you'd have some sorta' story ta tell. C'mon, Bris? Pulllleeeeeese? Then I'll leave ya alone, I promise! C'mon Bris! Just one li'l ol' story? Something interesting that happened? Briiiiiiis!" the sprite wailed.

But Brisbe was already involved in conversation with Warren.

"They'll all be here soon."

Warren raised his brow.



Warren smiled, thought maybe Drek was right. Brisbe didn't tell you anything.

Suddenly, they were there. All of them. They emerged from the falls, and from the forest, now lush with life again. They nearly covered the clearing. They were the generations, the Mana Knights from ever since the beginning of recorded time.

Warren gazed with awe as Brisbe walked over to stand next to Serin, who stood in front of the great army of Mana Knights.

Warren smiled. Yes, perhaps Donovan did get away, this time, but next time, there would be a Mana Knight, ready and waiting for him.

There would always be a Mana Knight, there to fight the darkness until the end of time, when peace will finally and eternally reign.

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