Luna Manar

Shadows of Evil (1996)
Part 1: The Call of Mana
Part 2: Answers
Part 3: A Message
Part 4: An Old Enemy
Part 5: An Unexpected Ally
Part 6: Deadly Journey
Conclusion: Doom's Lair. The Power of Love. The Price of Peace.

River of Time (1996)
Part 1: A Dare
Part 2: A Feathered Friend
Part 3: Surprises
Part 4: Legends Don't Die...
Part 5: Deadly Knowledge
Part 6: The Line of the Knight
Part 7: Guess Who?
Part 8: The Storyteller
Part 9: Old Friends. New Threats. A Lesson.
Part 10: The Trinaut
Conclusion: A Necessary Evil. Sacrifices. No Points For Second Best...

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