by Luna

What is death?

Many believe it is the end of life. Others believe it is simply a part of the cycle of life. To them, it is merely another door that must be opened and entered. Still others believe that it is not an end, or a part of the cycle, but a beginning. The beginning of a new life. The beginning of eternity.

Fanha wondered about these things as she walked the dark corridors of the underworld. It seemed to her that her death was a bit of the two latter. A door to eternity. But what kind? Was she to be happy here? Or would she wander forever, alone?

Ghosts flitted by her, wraiths, shadows of who they'd once been. None of them noticed her as they flew by. They seemed to be searching for something. Or someone. As she was.

Would he be here? Fanha blinked back tears as she thought of him. Sheex. Her only love. It was from here he had originally come, so long ago, was it to here he would return? She hoped so.

Fanha walked on, looking at the faces that flitted by. Some she recognized, some she didn't. Old friends, enemies, who had passed on long ago. Or recently. She saw Geshtar, looking like he was in great pain. She hurried by.

And then suddenly he was there. Coming towards her out of the shadows, out of the mist of spirits. He smiled and walked quicker.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as he approached. She couldn't speak, overwhelmed by emotion. She hurried towards him, almost running.

When they at last reached each other, they simply embraced and kissed.

They needed no words now.

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