The Messengers
by Kaae

Prelude: The Dark Angel

"You think you can get away, do you.
Never . . . The darkness will have you.
I will have you . . ." - Taken from Serena190's page

As I sit alone, in my room, I think about how he had changed. I used to love him for who he was -- but now, what he is, I do not know. His brother is the keeper of this place, the Underworld, they call it. There is something in his eyes I cannot comprehend. Never before have I witnessed such evil.

I sit wistfully and twist my silky hair between my fingers. He calls himself Satan . . . Well, speak of the Devil, I think. He is the Devil . . . He's horrid himself -- it was worse watching him possess that poor little girl . . . Who's next? I wonder. Maybe me. . .

The tears I have been holding behind a dam of emotion finally break out. They flood down my pale cheeks, leaving behind watery trails. I lick my lips; the faint taste of salt reminds me of the ocean. I quickly wipe them away and listen to the scrape of my lock against the door. Thanatos enters.

"It's time." His voice is dull and icy, his eyes have an evil gleam dancing about them. I get shakily to my feet and let him lead me outside.

I am facing death, mortal death, or becoming the queen of this world and the next. I do not want to die alone, beaten, in front of an evil and enemy, but I do not want to help in the destruction of my world.

The others do not know of my hidden powers. I am a princess, the daughter of a sorcerer and the Queen of the kingdom of Altena, the Magic Kingdom. I have now decided to mark the three people who shall save my world and the others who live in it -- my Messengers.

They will come for me in time. Nine years should be enough. Thanatos leads me to his brother and joins him on the throne, smirking evily.

I prepare myself for the horrors that await me, the betrayal I feel, the everlasting emptiness. I fall to one knee with my head bowed and my face hidden from his eyes.

"I, Serenity, Daughter of Cain, The Mana Princess and Guardian of Light, give myself to thee, forever and more. Is this your wish, Milord?" I say, my soft voice trembling. He nods and holds out his hand to me.

I stand and take his hand; it's cold, as cold as ice. His smile is venomous, his eyes so calm that I cannot bear myself to look at him. "I'd like you to meet my advisor, Sheex." He gestures carelessly to a tall demon behind him.

The demon is candy to the eyes, a strange comfort to me in this terrible place. Thick, purple hair falls over his face, his eyes glow a mysterious blue. So this is the feeling, being in the presence of an evil so great. I stare into my king's face, and for the second time, feel the tears come to my eyes.

"What do you want with me?" I bow my head again and squeeze a tear. It runs slowly down my cheek, then splashes to the rock floor. I hear Satan chuckle, then feel his cold hand wiping away my tear.

"Because, my dear, you will always be by me, and I know your powers rival my own. I couldn't let this happen, could I?" He hands me a quill, the end black and shiny with ink. Then he points to a scroll and tells me to sign it.

I have seen this happen before. He will make me sign, take my soul and turn me into what he is. But I know I can fool him. I say the words of the spell in my head, feel the breath of life leave me for a moment as I sign, then the warmth of rebirth sweep over me. I have tricked him into believing that he has me... forever.

But this will all change in time, I think, sitting next to this -- this monster. He places a small silver crown with sapphires on my head. With the coming of the three heroes, this will all change. The Messengers.

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