Puppet Strings
(from Serenity’s perspective)
by Kaae

I can remember way back, long before those nine years ... Way before everything I had and what I cherished, what was dear to me, was snatched before my very eyes ... my childhood, my friends, my innocence. All of these were stolen from me by that one who doesn't care for me, doesn't live for me, pays no attention to what he says. Or what he does.

He's always careful in his work ... being sure to never leave me a clue, or anything that could tell me what he's doing ... But then, he'll do something to try to infuriate me, and even though I feel no love ... it still stings me, deep down. Just what he does to me, what he says, is enough to drive me crazy ...

I remember seven years ago ... that night ... that ... I close my eyes, trying to shake the echoing screams from her ... If only she knew who she'd been dealing with ... And in all sadness, she did. She knew what she was doing, being naive and letting him embrace her in his own arms. She never knew what had happened, truly, that night, when he lead her his own way. Loving her. Trapping her. Within his grasp.

She was merely a puppet to him. The way he toyed with her, the way he tortured her ... I shiver and hug my arms, the coldness of his heart seeming to come into my own mind.

And he did the same with me...

I'm nothing more to him than any other girl he had, in the present or the past ... and he doesn't care. He merely uses me, just like everyone else, to get what he wants ... Why I care about this, I don't know at all. It brings pain to my heart to think that this is why I'm here; only for his own liking. Was that his reason, or was there more to it than he told me ... ?

So, in all truth, I guess he is as heartless as he seems, not like when I first met him ... But this was a trick. I remember now that he can charm you, trick you, lie to you. He can do any of these things because ... of what he is, has always has been. No one can explain the evil which I know so well ... Not even I.

The horrors I have seen, what has been done to me ... I suppose this was the fault of the Guardians. They told me that I must obey the fate of the future, for the sake of the world and the people ... I couldn't listen to what my heart had said, even when Jagan tried to ...

I sigh. Jagan died in my arms ... trying to protect me from him ... So his own sacrifice was in vain. Jagan tried to protect me and lost his own life ... and in turn, I lost my soul instead. To him; that ancient evil which engulfs the world as I speak ...

And in me, too.

Sighing, I put my hand on my stomach and let a tear run down my cheek, feeling the strings of a new life pull at my strength. I stifle a new sob when I feel the cold hand of the one I fear on my shoulder.

I can feel him smile coldly down on me, enjoying every moment of my own pain. He bends down and kisses me, brushing my hair gently from my cheeks. Then he stands back up and smiles, watching me wipe away my tears.

" So ... A new puppet ... "

And he says this to me, quietly, for one reason and one reason only.

I am that one who was tricked, tortured, lured there by the charm. I was naive. Unthinking.

And now, my strength is gone ... He has what he wants.

I'm finally his.

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