Secret of Mana: A Novelization (2002)
Chapter 1: A Warrior Comes Forth
Chapter 2: Initiation
Chapter 3: Pandora
Chapter 4: Gaia's Navel
Chapter 5: Dwarf Village
Chapter 6: The Perils of Gardening
Chapter 7: With Friends Like These...
Chapter 8: ...Who Needs Enemies?
Chapter 9: New Companions
Chapter 10: Witch Hunt
Chapter 11: Magic
Chapter 12: Phanna
Chapter 13: Underground Palace
Chapter 14: Thanatos
Chapter 15: Family Ties
Chapter 16: The Journey Continues
Chapter 17: The Upper Lands
Chapter 18: Sprite Village
Chapter 19: Onwards
Chapter 20: Matango
Chapter 21: Personality Conflicts
Chapter 22: The Cloud Behind the Silver Lining
Chapter 23: Alive & Unwell
Chapter 24: Turning Up the Heat
Chapter 25: Desperate Measures
This fic is rated R for language and violence.
Secret of Mana: A Novelization is unfinished.

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