by Glarryg


Major Plotus took full responsibility for losing King Manmon, and lead the search for him for a full three months. Afterwards, Queen Syla took her daughters and moved to another country, the name of which was never publicly disclosed. In the absence of a ruling body, martial law was declared on Gold Isle and Major Plotus was named the acting head. Soon after, a severe political schism erupted in Tasnica over the fate of the ruined Vandole Empire, and in the wake of immense bureaucratic overhauls, the issue of how to handle Gold Isle was lost.

Filing his resignation in the midst of the political turmoil, Major Plotus formed his own law-making parliament, and soon took over as sovereign of the forgotten island. The walls around the city were the first physical remnants of the old kingdom to be removed. Within half a generation, Gold Isle-- renamed Aura, after a mythical heroine who lived in a golden tower-- became recognized as a part of the Republic's Alliance. Prime Minister Plotus, rarely recognized in public as a former Tasnican military man, signed a constitution and organized a modest security force. His government operated from the same mansion that had been abandoned by the island's previous ruler.

The Light Palace was declared a historical landmark, and public viewing was barred on account of the tower's questionable structural integrity. Plotus told the public that he personally checked the building. A few of the older citizens of the island distrusted their Prime Minister, and claimed that he knew what happened to King Manmon all along, but all inquiries on the subject ran into dead ends.

Over time, the overly bureaucratic parliament fell out of the favor of the public, and more power was gradually given to Prime Minister Plotus. By the time he turned fifty, he was allowed to write and pass his own laws, and the parliament became no more than an avenue of judicial review. Although his title never changed, some of the younger citizens took to referring to him as the “King.”

As per the nature of the universe, Mana slowly restored itself. The Mandalan Sages of Mana quickly took to searching for a female descendant of the bloodline of the Mana Tribe, and the celebrated Mana Knight, Randi, was pressured into reclaiming his role as protector of the Mana field. Study into the nature of Mana swept civilization again: people began searching for the return of the Sprites, the Mana Beasts, and the Elementals. “King” Plotus declared that it would take a consensus of Sages for him to open the Light Palace for study. Despite some initial outcries, the public took the advice of the leading scholars and experts and chose to wait and see if the other Mana Seeds-- and their respective Elementals-- revived on their own. The Light Palace would most likely have to be rebuilt before it could be opened to the public.

One quiet summer afternoon found Aura's Primer Minister taking a leisurely walk among the streets of Wisp City. Greeting the locals as he strolled along, he took in the idyllic atmosphere of the country he had helped form. “Helped form” was the term he frequently used, for it boosted the public's morale and approval of their ruler to let them think that they were integral in constructing their state. Having covered the southern end of town to his liking, he turned back towards the north.

As the sun lumbered off to its western resting place, Plotus arrived in full view of the ancient Palace of Light. Against the setting sun, a quaint radiance made itself known from the highest floor of the tower. Plotus stopped and stared, careful to mind the passing greeters. The glow remained fairly steady, and did not diminish if the watcher moved to see it from a different angle. It definitely came from the Palace. Forcing his head level, Plotus checked to see if anybody noticed where he had been gazing.

Racing the falling sun, he trotted to the foot of the Palace. A foreboding barbed wire fence encircled the location, replete with signs warning of the tower's structural weaknesses. A moment allowed the Prime Minister time to check to see if anybody knew he was examining the old building. Another check to the top floor confirmed that the light was still shining.

Surveying his surroundings once more, the sovereign fished through a pocket on the inside of his regal-looking jacket. Quickly producing a key, he found the fence's gate and stabbed its lock with the metal tool. A twist and shake loosened the device, and Plotus was free to enter. He slipped into the enclosure, making sure to keep the rattling fence as quiet as possible, and approached the door.

He looked the portal over, carefully studying its makeup, and directed his eyes once more to the top floor. The light was still there.

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