Secret of Mana 2: Out of the Darkness
by Everlast


"Very interesting," said the blue-haired guardian of the Water Palace.

"You got that right," said the Mana Knight. "But what should I do about it, Luka?"

"Tony's distress is a very pressing matter. Based on what he says, it is imperative that we rescue him - and the other sprites."

"So how do I get to the Underworld?"

"First, are you prepared?"

"Well, I have most of the Mana weapons back home, plus some food like royal jam and faerie walnuts. Oh yeah, and cups of wishes too! I also still have the Magic Rope, Midge Mallet, Flammie Drum, and Moogle Belt."

"That's good, but do you have anyone to go with you?"

"Ooh, let's see... I can get Flammie and-"

"No." Justin looked up in confusion. "No Flammie."

He couldn't believe it. "What?! What do you mean 'no Flammie'?!"

"Flammie's still young - he wouldn't stand a chance in the Underworld."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, there's only one other person I know of who can help me."

The doorbell rang again. "I'm coming, I'm coming! Keep your shorts on!" Ashley ran down the stairs of her house and threw open the door.

"Hi Ashley." It was Justin. Without even asking, he walked right in.

"Do come in," Ashley said, quite annoyed.

"Ashley, I've got some good news, and some bad news."

"I guess I'll just say what you're expecting me to say. What's the good news?"

"I know where Tony is. And the rest of the sprites."

"What? That's great!"

"Not exactly. The bad news is they're in the Underworld."

"That place Sheex mentioned? So what?"

"We need to rescue him. But it's so dangerous I can't even take Flammie!"


"My thoughts exactly. You, Ashley, are the only other person who can help me get Tony. It's really important."

"Is he still alive?"

Justin sighed. "Yes." What he really wanted to say was "No, we're going to risk our lives to rescue a corpse". Justin loved making sarcastic remarks.

"Well, I know he's a friend, but why is it so important that we get him back?"

"I don't know, but he sounded desperate. And Luka said 'it is imperative that we get him back'."


"She didn't say. So will you go with me to the Underworld?"



"If it's too dangerous for Flammie, then I'm not going."


"My decision is final. Don't start an argument." Feeling both sad and angry at the same time, Justin left without saying a word.

Outside, he was obviously not very happy. "If she thinks that's gonna stop me from going she is dead wrong."

"So you still want to go through with this," inquired Luka.

"I don't care if I have to go by myself," replied the determined Justin. "This is Tony we're talking about. And besides, you said it was really important."

"I admire your courage, and am glad that you will go. Do you plan to leave right now?"

"Yeah. I told the guys in Potos I'd be gone for a while."

"What did you say to them?"

"I told them that I'm the Mana Knight and I have things to do."

"All right. Then may luck be with you." Luka raised her hand in the air. From all over the Water Palace came eight beams of light, each representing an element of Mana. Blue, brown, yellow, red, white, black, gold, and green. The colors were spectacular. As the beams of light hit Luka's hand, it seemed to glow with power. Then she released a brilliant silver light from her fingertip. When the light was gone, a bright blue vortex was swirling before them. Justin stepped toward it, then looked back at Luka. "Good luck," she said. Justin made a quick nod, and then jumped through the shimmering portal. After he was gone, the portal vanished. "You'll need it."

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