~ O-Kaeri Nasai Densetsu ~
by Corvette-chan

Part Three

Reaching the Great Forest, they heard from the King of Matango that Phanna and Isha were at Elinee's Castle.

After Getting more gear from the local shop, They headed for Elinee's Castle. There they found Phanna and Isha, kneeling by a slain Elinee. Nana, Cyn, Naru and Azu explained to Them that they had to find the Thirteen Mana stones, place them in a circle on the Cayenne Cliffs to Activate the Shrine. When Activated, it would separate The Pure Lands from the World and send it into a force field in the sky, high above the ground.

"Deedlit, Parn, and Anzai-chan. You have to fight off Fuyu's forces While The rest of us search for the Mana Stones." Nana instructed.

"Isn't it much asking such youth to take that task? Shunt we search for The Stones?" Anzai asked.

"Nah! I'm Ready to kick some Empire butt!" Deedlit jumped in. "Kick that Fuyu to the Ice Palace and Beyond!"

"Now, Now. Naru, You go with Deedlit and the others to make it even." Azu added.

"Wait, I Should go after Fuyu. She has Kurai!" Isha cried.

"Don't worry Isha-san," Deedlit comforted. "I'll get him back. Besides, He's got the soul of a Mana Warrior. He probably is already faulting her plans."


Fuyu cackled. "Five Mana seeds and.. A bottle of Kiyu juice! Hahaha!"

The Door opened, and in came Sylia. Behind her she pulled a tied up Kurai. "I Believe he's Ready, Majesty." She bowed. "We've cleansed him in Holy water from the Temple, Majesty." She bowed once more.

"Woo! That's all Sylia!" Fuyu chunked the bottle Kiyu juice and waved her hand to wave Sylia away. Sylia left, closing the giant doors behind her.

"I'm not really into this sort of thing. I have other things on my mind besides Males. Unlike Men, We women in power don't need to fear of falling from grace because we were foolish enough to fall in love with the enemy." She laughed. "No, I'll let my Generals have their way with you. An impure Soldier of Mana. Tsk, tsk. What a shame!" She laughed again, then snapped her fingers. A bit later, Two men came in. They lifted Kurai up, but before they left, Fuyu glared into his gentle-blue eyes. He was dazed from the Memory crown.

Scared of what she felt, She turned quickly and waved her hand around signaling for them to take him away. When they were gone, she sighed heavily.

Power. Revenge. She had to remind herself those were her two main goals.

Days Passed. Fuyu gained One extra Mana seed, While Phanna, Isha, Nana, Cyn, and Azu found Four Mana Stones. It was easy for them, Since The Fairies knew where they were and Fuyu was going on instinct.

Deedlit, Parn, Anzai and Naru on the other hand were discovering that Fuyu wasn't fooling around. In her path of destruction trying to find the Seeds, She destroyed Village after Village. Deedlit and Parn's relationship matured before their eyes. Not knowing it, they felt very deeply for eachother. Anzai was disgusted by their silly glances at one another they made so often and how After every fight Parn would be quick to make Naru cure Deedlit, Even when she didn't need it.

Their Next Destination, The Crystal Caves.

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