~ O-Kaeri Nasai Densetsu ~
by Corvette-chan

Part Two

Vanessa had teleported to a Quad Dimension with Valkus and Raffle. She Grabbed Raffle by the neck and gave him and evil glare. "I Need Your life force to revive Valkus!" Vanessa shouted and started to pull his life energy from his body. "NOO!" Raffle screamed.

"Pathetic!" Vanessa cringed. "Valkus.. speak to me!" Vanessa threw Raffle aside and bent down and shook Valkus' lifeless body. "No... that stupid fungus wasn't enough to revive him."

Vanessa stood up and unsheathed her sword. "I'm coming with you Valkus..." A Tear fell from her eye and she stabbed herself in the stomach. Raffle squirmed trying to crawl away.

"Ph...Phanna...Good...goodbye.." Raffle muttered.

On Fuyu's Airship......

Fuyu had attached a Memory crown on Kurai's head to get his purpose while he was unconcious. "Hmmm.. If He is the Legendary Mana Knight.. Then his Girl must be The Future Mana Goddess. Whoever she is, i have a plan on finding Her." Fuyu giggled to herself. Later, Kurai regained conciousness. "Where am I?"

"Oh! You're in my Airship of course. I Have big plans for You!" Fuyu laughed and turned and walked away from him to the Captain's Quarters.

Meanwhile, at Cair Paronia, on the other side of the globe..

Deedlit stepped back as Parn pulled out a gift wrapped in the most exquiset material she had ever seen. "This is for you, Deedlit." He blushed. "Parn!" She poked him. "I Should be blushing!" She held the gift in her hands. "I.. I Don't wan't to ruin the lovely materials!" She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He turned deep red. She started un-wrapping the present and finally got to the box and opened it. She gasped in amazement, "Parn! It's.. It's beautiful!"

He smiled, "It was my Mother's.. I want you to have it."

The orb's reflection shined in Deedlit's beautiful green eyes. "I'll guard it with my life." Deedlit placed it against her chest. Parn was still blushing overtime.

Meanwhile, Nana & Cyn were watching from the trees. "Aww! They are so cute!" Cyn giggled.

"Yes.. Cute. You know, what would they think if they knew we were spying on them?" Nana asked with a stern look on her face. "Hey!! It was your idea! Remember?!" Cyn shot back.

Parn leaned forward and started to kiss Deedlit. Their lips touched, thus they sealed their first kissed.

"Oh My! Would you look at that!" Cyn giggled.

On the other side of the small Elven village, Naru and Azu were talking.. "I'm worried. I've never seen the world like this. It's not like anything before. Nothing I've ever experienced. The Village elder passed away from some unknown sickness. It's Very Strange." Naru sipped her small goblet of water. "Yes. I'm very worried." Azu sighed. "Well, we better go find Nana, Cyn, and the others. it's getting late." Naru said. As they got up from their seats and stretched their small wings, A reflection like that of water hit the walls and Sage Luka's spirit appeared before them. They both gasped in amazement. "Naru-chan.. Azu-chan.. Listen well. Something has happened To Isha & her friends. Something is holding them back from coming to visit you. You must go, find them before they are harmed. If anything happens To Isha or Phanna, We won't stand a chance against this evil." Luka held out her hand and disappeared. Naru and Azu blinked at each other. "Luka-sama.." a tear rolled down Azu's cheek. SLAM! The Door Busted open. Azu and Naru flew up against the wall. "AHHH!!" They both screamed. The figure stepped in. "MEOW!!!!" She moaned. There stood, the most beautiful, most elegant, Feline in the world. Anzai, Daughter of The World Famous Neko-chan. "Well! Is That The Welcome I get?!" She hissed. After Naru caught her breath, she explained everything to Anzai.

Later That Night....

Everyone was in the small hut, And Naru & Azu were explaining what had happened earlier to everyone. Deedlit stood up, "I'm Ready!!! Let's go kick their Imperial butts! They won't Get away with this!"

"Calm Down, Deedlit-chan. We First have to get Phanna & Isha to safety. I Think here on the Island would be the perfect place! It's very secluded!" Nana said. "Good Idea Nana-san." Said Azu. "Right Then! Let us Be off! I've always loved a good Adventure!" Anzai giggled. The Four Fairies flew onto Deedlit's shoulders and the three Travelers headed towards the Dock. When they arrived at the Dock, Deedlit and Anzai boarded the ship. "Hurry up ya sea snail!" Anzai laughed. "I'm Hurryin' as fast as i can." Parn said. He tried to untie the rope but failed. "Hmm.. Aha!" He unsheathed his sword and cut the rope. "There!" he smiled. The boat started pulling away from the dock. "Ack! Hey! Hey Wait!" He leaped foward and just made it into the boat. "Phew!" he sighed. Deedlit ran over to him and helped him up. "Sorry, Parn." She kissed him. "Eww! you're gonna make me barf up my breakfast! Zelthfish and rabbite soup!" Anzai laughed.

Azu came running from the deck below. "There's a hole in the boat!!!!!!"

Everyone screamed. Deedlit pulled out a strange Drum and shook it. "Mist!!" Shake! Shake! Shake! Out of the sky Came a flying white Dragon! He Flew by the boat and Everyone hopped on. Nana turned to Deedlit and thanked her for the quick thinking. Anzai laughed, "We should've thought of this Earlier! Faster than the boat anyway!"

Parn scratched Mist behind the ears. "To The Great Forest!" Everyone held tightly and Mist shot off towards The Great Forest. His eery light-aquamarine colour glowed under the light of the moon. He went so fast it looked like a shooting star!

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