~ O-Kaeri Nasai Densetsu ~
by Corvette-chan

Part One

Time Flows Like a River and History repeats.. Thus, A Decendant of The Emperor has risen from the Shadows and Has Set her sights on The Eight Mana Seeds and The 13 Mana Stones. If She succeeds In Her evil plan, nothing will ever be the same..........

The Wind blew lightly through the Trees nearby the Water Palace. A Flock of Birds flew by as Isha stood at the balcony. The Wind toyed with her long blond bangs. She sighed as she remembered what had happened two years ago. The Fierce Battle with The Empire, and the Mana Beast. She turned to look at Sage Luka who was lying in her bed. "What is happening?" She thought to herself. "Why has Luka gotten sick?" She longed for Kurai to be by her side. "Child.. come here."

"What is it?" Isha turned around and ran towards Luka's side.

"My time has come child. The water, i sense trouble in it. Someone or something is threatening the existance of Mana once more." Luka stopped, and took a breath. "Luka.." Isha grasped the blankets. "Go.. Find The Four Guardian Fairies. They can tell you more.. I'm.." Luka held Isha's hand and said Goodbye.

"Nooo!!! Noooo!!!" Isha cried out. "This Cannot Be happening!" Isha ran out of Luka's Quarters to get Undine.

"Undine! Undine!" She called out. No Answer. Then Luka's voice entered Isha's mind, "Go Child.. gather your friends, and find the Four Guardian Fairies. Mana is fading.. Undine and the other Elementals are gone. Go now!" Isha gasped. She wiped the tears from her face, and bit her bottom lip. She Then grabbed the Flammie drum from on the steps and ran outside of the Palace. She held the Drum up high and gave it a hard shake.

Flammie came flying down from the sky. Isha looked up and held her hand over her face to shade her eyes from the sun. Flammie swooped down close and Isha jumped on her back, then Flammie lifted back up into the air.

"Flammie! Take me To Matango!" Isha shouted. Flammie gave out a scream and flew off towards Matango.

Meanwhile, somewhere not to far from The Fire Palace..

"Damn you!" Shouted The woman. "But Empress Fuyu!" the man pleaded.

"Urrgh! I Shouldn't allow you to live!!! Why'd you pick such a hot place for MY Headquarters?!!" She conked him over the head and added, "I Shouldn't allow you to take another breath!"

"But Madame!"

"Enough!!!" She lifted up her Rod and chanted a few words. Within seconds he was nothing but dust. "I'm sweating here!! Get Me Some Cool Air NOW!" She ordered. A few soldiers came to her aid and started to fan her. She held up the 3 mana seeds that she had in her sash. "Ahhh... only five more of you babies then i'll rule the world! A-hahahahahaha!!! AAAA-hahahahaha!!!"

"Miss, don't you think we should be looking for the Mana Stones, as well?" Asked a servant. "Sylia! Don't be foolish! Why would I risk my life trying to get those stones, and not to mention the seeds, when i have Soldiers who CAN DO IT FOR ME?!"

"Of Course, Majesty. I'm sorry to have questioned you."

"Yeah, eh heh, i have a good enough mind to just kill you for asking such a dumb question! But i won't!" She bolted through the crowd and shouted at a Domestic, "Where is my damn Bedroom in this place?!"

"Three Stories Up." The Maid replied.

"That's... ALL?!"

"Yes Ma'am. The whole Third Story is your Living Area."

"Ohh... Back to your duties!" Fuyu tossed back her cape and walked towards the flight of stairs.

"Your Majesty!!" A man shouted.

"Uhhh.." Fuyu turned around, "WHAT IS IT?!"

"You're Needed at Elinee's Castle! Urgent Message From General Valkus!"

"Very Well Dalia. Is The Airship ready?"

"Yer Ma'am! It's waiting just outside!"

"Uhh, alright! You stay here and guard The Fort!" Fuyu headed in the direction of the airship.

At Matango..

"Ah! Here, catch it!" Phanna yelled as she threw another apple down at Raffle. "Acck!! ooh, over here, no over there!" He jumped around hoping to catch it. "Ummm, Raffle, it already landed on the ground!" Phanna giggled.

"Uh-oh! Me sorry Miss Phanna!"

"It's alright.." Phanna smiled down at him, then she jumped out of the tree. A Guard started shouting, "Dragon! Dragon!!" Phanna looked up.

"Oh My goodness! It's Flammie!" She dropped what she was doing and ran to an open spot in the forest with no trees. She gave the flammie drum that she made a good hard shake and called for her. "Flammie!!!" Isha looked down. "Flammie! There's a spot! Land there! Ooh! And Phanna's down there too!! Good!" Flammie swooped down and Isha jumped off as Flammie took back up to the skies. "Goodbye Flammie!" Phanna waved. "OOH! Isha! I'm so glad to see you!" Phanna ran up to her and hugged her. Isha put her hands on Phanna's shoulders and pushed her back a bit. "Phanna.." Isha started but was interupted by Luka's spirit. "Children.. please.. listen. There is a great Danger ahead of you. The Four Fairies have gone out to find Three new Warriors to take your places in battle. You must stay safe because you have inside you the future Guardians of our world. I can tell you nothing more. You must find These Four Fairies so they can help you!" Luka's spirit faded. "W---What is going on here?" Phanna fell to her knees. "Phanna.."

Phanna looked up at her. "....What did she mean, Isha?"

"I.. i don't know. Maybe those Four Fairies can clear this up for us." Isha helped Phanna up. Just then Raffle came running up.

"Word From Jema and The Soldiers from Pandora!"

"What?!" Phanna gasped.

"Kurai! Is He Alright!?" Isha asked.

"I Don't know Miss Isha. All i know is that there are a Army of Empirial Soldiers attacking The Witch, Elinee's castle! They think she might be slain!"

"This is terrible.."

"Kurai.... We Have to go now! Kurai might be in trouble" Isha held up the Flammie Drum.

"Not to mention, poor Elinee!" Phanna stood ready.

"I'm Coming too!!" Raffle jumped ahead.

"No!" Isha shouted. "It Might be dangerous, Raffle. No place for children." Phanna added. "Aww, man!" Raffle started sulking and disappeared into the forest. "Ready?" Asked Isha. "Yes. Let's hurry!"

Isha held up the Flammie drum and shook it around. Within seconds Flammie came swooping down and The hopped on. Raffle grabbed Flammies tail and held on for dear life. "There's no way i'm missing out on this action!" He thought to himself.

At Elinee's Castle.....

"Damn it Vanessa! How could You Shoot Her?!!?"

Vanessa walked back and forth, "Um, i just pulled the um, trigger and ka-pow!" She giggled. "Valkus! Don't worry so!"

"Did you Forget Empress Fuyu's orders?! We were supposed to take her hostage! Not kill her!" He shouted.

"Why take her hostage? what for?" She asked.

"DUH! So she could make herbs to crew the soldiers! That way Fuyu wouldn't have to use mana power from the seeds!"

"Ohh.. well i can juts tell her that.. My Gun! It floated up and started shooting! And it shot Elinee!"

"Ohh, brilliant plan! Not! What are you stupid?! Do you think Fuyu would believe that!?"

Just then Fuyu landed outside and walked in. "Ahh. i see everything is going well here. Where is Elinee? It looks like a blood bath out there and i don't wanna stay here any longer then i have to!" She dusted herself off and looked around. "OKAY! Why is everyone being so silent!?"

"Um, Vanessa! Tell her!"

"Oh! Your Majesty, my, uh, gun like went on strike and started shooting everything and it shot The Bi---, i uh mean Witch!"

"You.. WHAT?! You idiot!!!!!" Fuyu ran over to Vanessa and started hitting her over the head with her rod.

"Damn You! DAMN YOU! You stupid idiot!!! How could anyone be so damn stupid!?" Valkus took a few steps back. "Uhh.. good thing that's not me" He thought to himself. Just then Kurai busted in. "Enough of this Madness! Where is Elinee!?"

"Question of The Day!" Valkus laughed to himself. Fuyu froze and thought to herself for a minute, "Uh-ohhh, i better think of a quick plan!" She dropped her rod and turned to look at him. "Ohh!! Thank god someone is here to save me!" She ran over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Please! Save me from these evil people!" Kurai dropped his sword and stood there, shocked. Fuyu laughed to herself and contacted Valkus through telepathy. "Quick! Grab his sword and hit him over the head with it!" Valkus nodded and picked up Kurai's sword and knocked him out with one hard blow to the head. Fuyu backed away and Kurai slumped to the floor. Vanessa could be heard moaning in pain. "Ouchie...."

"Ooh, he is quite the looker! I Think i'll make him mine!"

Valkus walked over to Vanessa and helped her up. "Something good did come out of this after all! Quick, Valkus, Vanessa! Get him into the Airship!" Fuyu ordered. Vanessa and Valkus lifted him up and brought him over into the airship. Fuyu walked over to Elinee's desk and then looked away. "Damn it! Now i'll have to use my mana power to heal those dumb jackass soldiers!" She bolted towards the airship. Just as she stepped on deck of the airship Phanna and Isha jumped off Flammie and landed right in front of her. Raffle jumped off as well but landed in the Castle.

"Who Are You?!" Fuyu shouted. "Our identities are not important! What have you done with Elinee?!" They both asked. "Eeew! Someone threatens my beauty! Get of f My Airship!" Fuyuy screamed and summoned Sylphid. "Air Blast!!!!!!!" The blast of air flew them on the balcony of the castle and the airship lifted off. "Vanessa! Valkus! Take care of those rodents!" She ordered. "Yes Your Majesty!" They both jumped off the airship and stood in battle stance. "Farewell!! Until next time!" Fuyu laughed sinisterly.

"Salutations! My Name is Valkus and I'm The First General of Empress Fuyu's Empire!"

"And My Name's Vanessa! Second General of Empress Fuyu's Empire!" Vanessa giggled.

"Enough of this! Where's Elinee?!" Phanna asked.

"Dead. Dead as a.. i don't know, just DEAD! hahahaha!" Vanessa laughed.

"And soon you'll be joining her!!!!!" Valkus let out a battle cry and headed towards Phanna. She dodged and pulled out her spear. "You'll Pay For this!" she shouted. Vanessa lunged at Isha. "Hehehehahaha, take this blondie!"

"Uurggh!!" Isha kicked Vanessa in the stomach. "Oww!" Vanessa cringed.

"Enough of this. Play Time is over!" Valkus started chanting a spell. "Hell Fire!!!!" He spun around a few times and fireballs gathered around his hands. He aimed at Phanna and Isha. "Blast!!!!!"

"NOO!!" Out from behind Elinee's desk came Raffle running up in front of Phanna and Isha to block the attack from hitting them. He fell over and Phanna screamed out and ran towards Valkus piercing her spear through his chest. Valkus died instantly. "Oh No!" Vanessa shrieked. "You're not taking him!" She screamed and then picked up Raffle and ran over to Valkus. "This boy will help Valkus get better! A-hahahaha!" She spun around and all three of them disappeared.

"Raffle!!" Phanna screamed out.

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