by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Twenty-Three


The three companions found the ravine where Dyluck's battle squad had entered the forest. With the whip, they jumped across. They stepped on the symbol in the ground, and found themselves outside the meadow near the Water Palace, where Link first met Dyluck.

The palace is beautiful, thought Nasia as they approached it. She followed them up the steps to the door. She thought about when she had defeated the spiky tiger. I'm not that strong, but the Seed of Water is right. My intelligence is my gift from Mana. I'm important, too.

Before them stood Luka. "What???!!! This girl is 200 years old?!" yelled Nasia.

"This is getting old," mumbled Link.

"Say, could I have the address of your beauty salon?" joked Lilak.

Luka stifled a giggle. "Nice to meet you, Lilak and Nasia." She faced all three. To the east of here is a cave. The elemental of water, Undine, lives there. Her seal on this palace is melting, and I'm worried about her! Please visit her, and see what has happened."

The three friends went to Undine's cave. The water came up to their chests, (and Nasia's nose) and they had to swim through a hole in a cliff. Inside they found a bank leading out of the water. In front of them was an egg, and it began to hatch!

"What the heck is that?" asked a shocked Lilak.

"A tonpole!" answered Nasia. Watch out, they..." she was cut off as the tonpole swallowed her. "G..e...t mmmmme....OU..T of here!!!" came Nasia's voice, muffled.

"I'll do the Heimlich maneuver!" said Link. Out flew Nasia, and she hit a hard rock in the cave.

"Now I'm mad!" fumed Nasia. "Take this!!!" She took the spike knuckle, and rammed it down the little lizard's throat. It fainted, leaving behind a glove orb.

The three friends continued north, into a cave surrounded by beautiful waters. It was a peaceful cavern, and swimming in the ocean was a mermaid, the elemental of water, Undine. They walked slowly forward, and looked down into the crystal clear water at the mermaid.

"I am Undine, the elemental of water!" said Undine. My power is your reward for defeating Tonpole!" the beautiful mermaid held out her hands, and two shells were in them. I'll give you two kinds of magic. Nasia can use my battle magic." She opened the shell in her left hand. A blue light surrounded Nasia and bathed her in magic. She could feel the power to create ice, make acid rain, and drain energy, all at the call of Undine!

"Lilak can use my recovery magic." Lilak felt an ability to cure others, stop poisoning, and to put the power of ice into weapons."

Link glanced at his two friends. "And... me?"

"Your Mana Sword will one day become stronger than any magic I can give you. Before you go, take this pole dart. It's a Mana Weapon. Nasia and Lilak, use these rings to call me any time." Nasia and Lilak suddenly noticed that each had a ring on there right index finger. "However, you must be nourished by Fairy Walnuts to summon me. Neko carries them. Go now! Use my 'ice' spell, Nasia, to clear the lava field by the Underground Palace! Hurry! Mana weakens!" With that, Undine disintegrated into the water.

The three companions just stood there for a while, in awe of this new power. "Nothing can stop ME now!" said Nasia, excitedly. "To the Underground Palace!"

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