by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Twenty-One


The three friends opened the door to Elinee's Castle.

"Careful," cautioned Lilak, "She keeps were-wolves in her castle as guards."

The walls of the castle were a covered with tiles, that were faded green. The ceiling of the opening hall was arched, and led into the rest of the castle. The castle was pretty much clean of furniture except for one small chair in a corner. An iron gate blocked their way to a door.

"There's a switch there," said Nasia, "Maybe it opens that iron gate." She stepped on it. "I was right."

"Wait," said Link, "my shoe's untied..." He sat down on the chair, and then jumped as he was pushed out of the seat. "It's a polter chair!" gasped Link.

"So you wanna push people around, huh?" taunted Nasia. "Cut it out before Lilak sits on you!!!"

"Excuse me?!" raged Lilak. "Are you implying I'm fat?!!! C'mere, you..." She went for Nasia, who ducked down, causing Lilak to trip over her and land on the chair, which then broke to pieces.

"And we got more where that came from!!!" hollered Nasia at the pieces of wood.

"Let's go before it puts itself together again or something," said Link, dusting himself off.

They went through the door, and ran into two were-wolves.

"Uh-oh..." muttered Lilak. They were in a narrow corridor, and there was no way around the wolves.

Nasia gripped the boomerang in her hand as she put away the Chobin's Bow. "I'll hit them, and you two finish them off while they're down!" whispered Nasia. She threw the boomerang. The were-wolves hunched over, hit in there stomach.

"Now!!" prompted Link. Link took the Heavy Spear, and Lilak took the Axe. Link cut vertically, and Lilak horizontally.

Nasia fitted two arrows into the bow. "Too bad... we barely got to say 'howlo'!"

The three companions came to the end of the corridor and turned left. They found a stair case. They went down stairs. This was the dungeon, and there were several Pandoran soldiers in two cells! Lilak saw a switch on the wall. When she pulled it, the bars slid up into the ceiling. "We've come to help!" exclaimed Lilak.

"H-help...." stammered a soldier.

"Where's Dyluck?" inquired Lilak nervously.

"Um... with....witch??"

"These guys are like zombies!" whispered Nasia.

"Like the people in Pandora!" realized Link.

"You can bet the witch is behind this!" accused Lilak. "Speaking of which (hey! which, witch- get it?!) where is Elinee? I didn't see any main doors to her lair."

"Three people step... on... tile... wall..." the guard slumped down into a deep sleep.

"A tile?" pondered Link. "Let's go see!"

Link, Lilak, and Nasia went upstairs. They saw it then. There were three tiles on the floor different from the rest. Step on them!" cried Nasia. Suddenly, a wall in front of them slid away to reveal a staircase!

The staircase led to a small library. Some polter chairs slept nearby. A spiral stair way led up to a lab. Potions bubbled, and a spell book lay open. There, on the far side of a table, stood Elinee!"

"Phew! What nosy children! See what you get!" A book case slid over to cover the stair case at the bottom of the spiral stair way. Elinee disappeared. The three friends stepped on a teleporter, and found themselves on a turret of the castle. Dyluck was behind Elinee!!!

"Lilak!" cried Dyluck.

"Dyluck!" cried Lilak.

"Allow me the pleasure of sending you to Thanatos!" Elinee cackled. She waved her hands, and Dyluck disappeared!

"Elinee, what have you done with him?!" fumed Lilak as she grabbed the heavy spear and pointed it at Elinee's throat. Elinee burst into smoke and appeared on another higher turret, away from the spear.

"What have I done?" repeated Elinee. "why I sent him to the ruins, south of Pandora! My magic doesn't seem to work to well on him, but Thanatos wanted him so I sent him there!"

"Thanatos?" inquired Nasia.

"The head of a secret organization that intends to overthrow the Kingdom of Pandora!"

"I just bet that 'organization' is the Empire!" glared Link.

"How could you!" raged Lilak.

"Tee, hee, hee," laughed Elinee, "He's already dispatched most of the people in Pandora. Now all that's left for Thanatos to do is storm the castle from the ruins with his new army of zombatic Pandorans!!! Now, would you be so kind as to feed yourselves to by cute little Spiky!" Elinee disappeared as a iron cage behind her opened!

Suddenly, from inside the cage a huge tiger, covered with spikes spun out, rolled up like a ball.

"Ow!" screamed Nasia, as a spike went into her. She fitted an arrow into the bow and shot it at the tiger. He roared in pain. Lilak took the spike knuckle and forced her gloved hand into the tiger's nose. Then the tiger grabbed her arm, and sucked her blood!

"Let go!" threatened Link. He hacked at the beast with the Broad Sword, but to no avail.

Then, Nasia could feel the Water Seed's power... Use your intelligence, Nasia... She took hold of one of the spikes, and climbed onto the tiger.

"Are you nuts?!" cried Link.

Nasia didn't reply. "Lilak, hang on to your blood for a few more seconds!"

"After that, my main problem is hanging on to my lunch!" groaned Lilak.

The cunning little sprite shot hurled the boomerang at the Spiky tiger's tail. He roared in pain, and instinctively he slammed his tail at Nasia. Or where Nasia was! Now, in her place the tail cut into the tiger's back. The tiger opened his jaws of steel to roar. Seeing her chance, Lilak stuck the spear into his mouth, and pulled it out jagged like. The tiger then began to explode!!! They found an orb for the boomerang.

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