by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Seventeen


"You from the surface?" one dwarf asked.

"Yes," said Link.

"We know that you are very skilled with weapons," said Lilak. "Do you know anyone who could sell us an axe?"

"Watts, the blacksmith is who you're looking for," replied the Dwarf.

As they were about to ask which part of this chamber, which was their town, he was in, a rumbling shook the earth.

"What in the..." began Lilak, just as all the dwarfs scattered for shelter. Then, out of one of the walls of the cavern burst an enemy lord. An enemy lord is what the Mantis Ant was. A really tough, often big, monster.

"Oh my gosh!" screamed Link.

"Calm down!" yelled Lilak. "It's Tropicallo," she said, "and I think I know what we can do."

Tropicallo was a beast who dug itself underground to come up in another area. It came up as a big shell, and then its shell opens to reveal a long neck, made of balls almost. The head had a pony tail of red hair behind it. The monster really was a bizarre sight.

"Just follow me," Lilak directed. Just as she thought, a vine came up, which was part of him. She started edging around the creature, and the vine followed her.

"Watch out," she cautioned Link, "it spits explosive balls." Her warning was just in time. One of them bounced towards Link. Concentrating Mana power into his sword, Link reflected the bomb back to the monster. It shrieked, and started to prepare another one.

The vine still followed the two companions. Just a little bit more, thought Lilak. The vine started going around the monster, following her. In no time, the monster couldn't breathe!

"Lilak! You're amazing!" exclaimed Link. Tropicallo exploded in a burst of flames. In his place, Link found another orb, with a miniature of the next spear frozen inside.

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