by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Fifteen


The two friends soon came to another cliff, about twelve feet high, this time. As before, steps had been carved by nature, or possibly people, into the cliff. As they approached the steps, they noticed that Neko, the trader cat, was there.

"Meow!" said Neko, "We meet in a strange place!"

"Hi Neko," said Lilak, who was familiar with Neko. She got many things at her shop that Pandora's shop didn't have. That was actually where she had bought her former Kung Fu Suit armor. Now, she had the Kung Fu Dress.

"Need anything now?" asked Neko.

"Well," thought Link, "We do need some more cure candy and medical herbs."

"Yeah," Lilak agreed, "what with the Chobins and all. Give us two herbs and three pieces of candy, please Neko."

"OK, that's 100 gold pieces," said Neko, as she received the money and gave them the supplies, "Would you be interested in some new cure specialties I have? I have chocolate, which works better than candy, but costs more. 60 gold pieces. That's actually why I'm here in the forest."

"Well," said Lilak, "OK." She handed over the money, and accepted the chocolate.

"Bye!" said Neko, "See you soon! Meow!"

"OK," said Link, "let's go."

Lilak and Link started up the steps. No Chobins were in sight. "Look!" said Lilak, "another teleporter!" The teleporter was the same as before, a triangle within a circle, carved into the ground. The two friends step onto the tile, and then found themselves at a fork in the road. Only, the road that would have been split wasn't there. Only a few feet back from the teleporter was the dead end of the would be road. Life size mushrooms grew here. To the Link and Lilak's left, the path went down a flight of more steps, leading through a small maze of tree clusters and bushes. At the end of the small maze was a teleporter.

To their right they saw some steps, once more. As you came down the steps, that path went to the right, and was blocked by a few large flowers, that could easily be cut down. Then you would come to a teleporter. But blocking this teleporter, at the top of those steps, were two stone pillars. They were carved, thick, boulders, with a skeleton of some prehistoric animal on top of each one.

From the spot where Link and Lilak were, they could see all this. They also saw many monsters. Chobins, and also Blats, bat-like creatures.

"Well," Link said, "We can't go to the right, because of the two stone pillars. Let's try the left." Link and Lilak headed toward the steps that were on their left. They made their way around the life size mushrooms. As they walked along, suddenly Lilak screamed.

"Oww!" Lilak screeched.

"What is it?" Link asked, "What's wrong?"

"Something just sprayed me with poison," Lilak said.

"But where is it now?" asked Link. Then he noticed it. They should have known. One of the mushrooms had tiny little holes in its head... eyes!

"Look out!" Lilak warned. She then realized it, too. One of the mushrooms was a Mushboom! A mushboom is a monster. It's about as powerful as the lullabud that the two friends had run into on the way to Kippo Village. It is a cream, tan, white, with pink spots. It can move around. It's not as powerful as the Chobins they had faced, but it was still dangerous.

The Mushboom suddenly lurched forward at Link. This time, the armor couldn't fend off the attack of a full body slam, as opposed to a Chobin's arrow.

"Ouch!" yelled Link. He fell unconscious!

"Link!" yelled Lilak. She realized that she wouldn't have time to give him a medical herb to wake him up. She pried the spear out of his hands. She knew she couldn't get too close to the Mushboom, and the spear was perfect. She whirled the spear above her head, gaining momentum. Then she thrust it into the Mushboom, and it disappeared in a splash of color.

"Wake up, Link," a gentle voice said.

"Uhng," groaned Link. "Wh-where am I?" He opened his eyes, and recognized Lilak, and it all came back to him.

"We're in Gaia's Navel, Link," explained Lilak, "After the Mushboom attacked you, I realized that we weren't ready to tackle the Haunted Forest. Besides, those two pillars were blocking our way, and we need an axe to cut through them. The Dwarves in Gaia's Navel make many weapons; maybe they can make an axe for us."

"Well then," concluded Link, "Let's get going!"

Meanwhile, in Elinee's Castle...

"NOOOOO! I won't give in, Elinee!" Dyluck screamed. He was chained in Elinee's Castle, in a room with many potions. She was trying to hypnotize him, just like the people in Pandora.

"Ugg!" Elinee groaned with exasperation. "Why won't my magic work on you?"

At that moment, the room grew dark... and a sinister voice filled the air...

Elinee... it's no Use... he must be receiving a special power... send him to me... His power could be used to my advantage...prepare for the first incantation to teleport him to the ruins...!

"Yes, Thanatos!" answered Elinee gleefully. Thanatos's dark presence faded away.

"Who... who was that... evil...?!"

"Ha ha! You'll find out," cackled Elinee. She loomed over Dyluck, her eyes flashing red. "You'll find out very soon!"

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