by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Fourteen


Lilak caught her breath. The Chobin was a fierce monster that lived dark forests and castles. Yet more monsters even more difficult were soon to come.

Lilak reached into her pack that she had woven for herself long ago. She found a medical herb, and forced it down Link's throat, who was lying on the ground nearby. The medical herb looked almost like a beet, or a radish. It recovered you if you were poisoned, unconscience, on fire, frozen, and many other things.

"Unghh..." groaned Link, "What happened?"

"That arrow came from a Chobin," explained Lilak, "I beat it with the spear. I also learned how to do something with it. Look." she demonstrated the technique of whirling it above the head, and then thrusting it forward. "It's almost like how you discovered the leap attack with the sword and spear," Lilak commented, "And, um," she hesitated. What if she was wrong about her using Mana? "I think I also received the power of the Mana Seed through the glove." she went on to explain her theory.

"That's great!" said Link, but he actually felt differently. Lilak wouldn't be with him for long, he thought. Now she has the power of Mana, or at least one of the seeds. What if she abuses the power? Why would the seed let her have the power? Could she have been destined to have the power?

"We need to look out for more Chobins," said Lilak, "I wouldn't be surprised if we meet more.

"Wait! There's one!!!" said Link, "let's get it!"

The Chobin shot an arrow. He seemed to say, You killed my friend! I'll take my vengeance!

Lilak deflected the shot with the spear. Link was dashing toward the Chobin.

"Link! Watch out!" An arrow zoomed right towards Link's leg. But this time, the Chain vest intervened.

Lilak pulled the glove from her bag again. Link had managed to bring the Chobin down, but it had been close. She went forward, and slashed the Chobin with the spike knuckle.

The two friends continued on the path. They came to the cliff. They climbed the steps that had been cut into the rock by natural forces, and by other people going along the same trail. They were in a part of the forest with thorn bushes that almost seemed to form protection for whatever was inside. In this case, it was Chobins!

"Let's try attacking them at the same time," suggested Link. "Remember, his arrows can only hit one of us at a time, unlike other distance weapons."

"That's using your head," said Lilak. "What a first. Come on!"

The two friends edged closer to the Chobin. The thorns, however were in the way. They grew all around the Chobin.

The Chobin moved back. The problem was that he could still hit them, since he had a bow and arrow.

"We have to get around these thorn hedges," observed Lilak, "can you cut through with the sword?"

"No," said Link, after he tried to slash the thorns aside, "they're too thick. Wait, there's a break in the thorn barrier over there. It's just flowers."

The two friends made a run for the other side of the thorns, Lilak ducking an arrow as she went. Link cut through the flowers, and they cornered the Chobin against the thorns. Lilak attacked with the spike knuckle.

"Lilak, look out!" cried Link. The Chobin shot an arrow at Lilak's hand. It went through a weak spot of the glove.

"Yow!" screamed Lilak. She whipped off the glove. Her hand was bleeding, and she couldn't use it for awhile. OK, she thought, I can get through this. She could feel the Mana going through her. Wait, if I put the glove on my foot... Dad taught me once... Lilak adjusted the spike knuckle to form the spike foot.

"What are you doing, Lilak?" asked Link. To him, it just looked like Lilak was fooling around on the ground.

"My dad taught me this about a month ago," said Lilak, "The spike knuckle can also become the spike foot." Lilak finished adjusting the glove, which was now a boot. Lilak gathered her strength. She jumped, and kicked the Chobin with all her might. Chobin's bones disintegrated into the ground.

The two friends continued on. They came to another thorn barrier, with a Chobin inside. They saw another Chobin. "Lilak, toss me the spear," said Link.

"Sure. Can I have the sword?"

"Here you go," said Link as he threw the spear up into the air to Lilak, since he was over on the other side of the thorn barrier that they had come to. "Here's the opening," Link called.

Lilak caught the sword, as Link caught the spear. She had an idea. She jumped, kicked her legs out from behind her, so that she was going feet first. She came down, right on to the Chobin. But she wasn't done yet. The Chobin fitted an arrow into the shaft of his bow. It hit Lilak in the hip, but the Kung Fu Dress materialized on her hip, and fended off the arrow. As she fell on to the Chobin, she swung the sword, from left to right, with the sword in her right hand.

However, this Chobin was stronger than the last few. He still was alive. Link was through the thorn barrier. He took the spear, and concentrated, drawing power from the seed. He spun the sword around by his side, and after picking up sufficient momentum, thrust the spear into the Chobin.

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