by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Twelve


Link and Lilak went on to the Haunted Forest. However, Link worried about his quest for the seeds. He knew he owed Lilak big time. Twice she had saved his life. He needed to pay her back.

"How do we get into the forest?" asked Link.

"Dyluck once told me that there was a portal around here that would take us here. We have to find it."

Soon Link and Lilak came to a sign. "Kippo Village" it read. "Let's stay here for a little bit," suggested Link. "I'm starved! We should probably get some new armor for me, and for you."

"Yeah. I've had my eye on a Kung Fu Dress that they're selling here. "Problem is, it's 300 gold pieces. Maybe we could get it with all the money we have."

"Well," pondered Link, "How much did we pick up on the way here? Some of the beasts dropped some gold."

"I have 200 in my bag," Lilak said, "What do you have?"

"400," said Link.

Link and Lilak entered the village. A river ran through it, and watermills provided mechanical power to turn a spit on a fire, things like that. (No electricity) It was a located in a slight valley, with hills just outside the main fence.

"Dyluck's parents live here," said Lilak. "I'll go visit them."

"OK," said Link, "I'll meet you at the store."

Lilak went up to the north part of town and knocked on the door of the house.

"Lilak!" exclaimed Dyluck's Mother. "What a pleasant surprise! Do come in!"

Lilak went into the house.

"What's wrong, dear?" sympathized Dyluck's Mom. Lilak knew she would see right through her confident face.

"Dy-Dyluck's... missing..." stated Lilak, and looked away. She couldn't bear to speak the words.

"Oh, Lilak, he's a soldier! He'll be all right, you'll see. A mother knows these things." She smiled.

Lilak wanted to believe this. And she almost did. There was no reason why Dyluck wouldn't be fine. He was very capable, and had many soldiers with him. Actually, only four soldiers. And he would be confronting the witch… Lilak shuddered noticeably.

Lilak managed a slight smile. "I hope so."

Lilak went to the store, and met Link. The two friends bought a hair ribbon, elbow pads, and Kung Fu Dress for Lilak. Link complained about the hair ribbon. "How can that protect you? I think you just wanna look nice for Dyluck!" He taunted. He received an elbow in the stomach in return. And with an elbow pad, too!

"Knock it off," retorted Lilak, "I don't suppose you have a girlfriend, hmm? Anyway, with all those thorns and all in the forest, my hair can get caught, and then you'll have to untangle it."

Link had to agree with her. They finished selecting armor. Link bought a chain vest, a nice change from the flimsy overalls. The two friends went to an inn for lunch, and to rest, Link's stomach still hurting from the elbow.

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