by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Eleven


Early the next morning, Link and Lilak set off for the Haunted Forest. Link worried, however. He needed to get to Gaia's Navel, and the Underground Palace. This didn't seem to have any connection at all to his quest. But he didn't want to argue with Lilak, or she'd be very mad. He also felt that he shouldn't send her away...he didn't know why.

The two continued down the road to the Haunted Forest, which was on the road to Gaia's Navel, only the forest was farther away. They traveled west from Pandora, and then followed the path into a meadow, and kept walking along the path that would take them north east to Gaia's Navel.

While walking there, the two encountered many rabites, and also many buzz bees, which could poison them. Link took out the spear, so he wouldn't have to get so close to the monsters.

Flowers grew abundantly. One flower seemed bigger than the rest. Link went closer to examine it. As he did, the flower suddenly shot out at him, and bit him, shooting deadly venom through his leg.

"OWW!" yelled Link. The flower, which Link realized to be a lullabud, continued to attack. Link was almost at an end. "Lilak! HELP! Take the sword-" The flowers vines then reached out and grabbed both the sword and spear.

"Hang on!" yelled Lilak. Just then, out of her pouch which she carried, she pulled out a glove; a weapon. With a blow of her gloved fist, she smashed the lullabud to the roots.

But Link was still poisoned. Out of her pouch, Lilak pulled out an herb, and shoved it down Link's throat. Suddenly the poison was gone. She pulled out some healing candy.

"Thank you, Lilak. You saved me. But what was that glove?"

"It is the spike knuckle. It's very old. Here, try it."

Link put the glove on. Suddenly, the glove started to glow!

"Whoa!" exclaimed Lilak. "The glove is having some sort of reaction to the Mana Sword!"

"The glove-it must be an ancient Mana weapon!"

"It is?!" exclaimed Lilak.

"That must be the reason for its strange reaction to the sword. It should be able to be reforged by orbs, and aided by Mana!"

"Great!" said Lilak. "But now, let's get to The Haunted Forest." She didn't get it. She didn't get any of it, really. Maybe she would in time. But why would she care? All she cared about was finding Dyluck.

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