by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Eight


Link left the Water Palace, and headed for Gaia's Navel. As he walked south along the west bank of the creek, with the woods around him, he came to a shop, owned by a trader cat.

"I am Neko!" said the cat. "What can I do for you? Do you want to shop or stay a night in the inn?"

Link thought for a moment. Since he was going to be doing some dangerous searching for the Mana Seeds, he would need protection. "I would like to purchase some armor. I have fifty gold pieces."

"Where will you be going, and who will you be fighting?" asked Neko.

All the monsters around this area, and many others," replied Link.

"Hmm..." thought Neko," If I were you, I would buy new armor each time you're needs change. Where will you be going next?"

"To Gaia's Navel."

"The cave under the falls? I suggest these elbow pads, this bandanna, and these overalls. That will fit your needs, at least for now, for an affordable price. Always be on the lookout for better armor at other shops."

"Thank you, Neko, you've been most helpful," said Link. He put on the armor, and left the shop.

Link headed for Pandora. As he walked along the creek, he heard a rustle in the bushes. Deciding it was unimportant, he didn't give it any thought. Suddenly: "QUICK! GRAB HIM!" Link was then seized and blind folded! He then felt a club on his head, and he lost conciseness.

Link gained conciseness about a half an hour later. He was in the woods, in a pot of boiling soup. He now looked around and saw that his captors were goblins! He was doomed!

"Hey!" said a voice. Link turned to see a girl with blonde hair about his age, a teen. "Hey you! What on earth are you doing, you idiot?!"

"Please help me!" begged Link.

"Shh...quiet!" said the girl. She pulled Link out of the pot. "Let's get out of here!"

"I owe you my life," said Link, once he and the girl were back at his place of capture, "but what are you doing here?"

"I was looking for someone... for a second I thought you were him. I case of mistaken identity? I guess I lose..."

"Wait a minute!"

"I'm only joking! Look, I'm in a hurry. You'd better get back to your home. Later!" With that, she turned and ran off.

"Wait!!" called Link, but the girl was already out of ear shot. "She left without even telling me her name..."

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