by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Six


Link wandered into the forest. Now where was this Cannon Travel place Jema had mentioned? As Link went farther into the forest, he found a sign that directed him to Cannon Travel.

He went up to the man who was running the center. He looked like a cave man, and had a torn shirt on his back.

"Are you Link?" he asked.

"Yes, I am," answered Link.

"Hi. A guy named Jema told me youíd be coming. He paid your way to the Water Palace. Hop in!"

Link got into the cannon. He then felt a force that pushed him into the air! He was flying. He looked down at the land below. He could see the Water Palace! He was headed right for it!

Link hit the ground with a boom. As soon as he came to his senses, he noticed five soldiers in a line, and another man, who seemed to be their leader. His blond hair was mused, and he was dressed for battle. He seemed about two years older than Link, which would make him seventeen. He had an expression in his eyes- one that disclosed that he was thinking of something else-or someone else.

An eagle flew overhead.

Link talked to the leader. "Why are you dressed for battle?" he asked, "And who are you?"

"Iím Major Dyluck, of Kippo Village. I am in Pandoraís army. Havenít you heard? The witch Elinee has gone bad. She is mesmerizing the people of the Kingdom of Pandora! We are on our way to fight her."

"But why are you here then?" asked Link, "the river is in the way, and I see you have no boat."

"You donít get out a lot, do you?" said Dyluck, "Thereís a portal over there that leads to the haunted forest where the witchís castle is. I have to be going. All right troops, move out!" The troops lined up and disappeared between two stone pillars.

Strange, thought Link, why havenít I heard of these things?

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