by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Five


"That was close!" said Elliot, "But you brought it here, Link! Itís your fault!" He then walked away.

"A very mislead child indeed, that boy. You just saved him from a fate worse than death!" said Jema.

"But I was the one who brought the Mantis Ant here in the first place! And I don't understand. Mana Sword? Protector? And where did the Mantis Ant come from?"

"You are very young. You could have no idea of what has happened. I advise you to visit Sage Luka at the Water Palace. Sheís been protecting one of the Seeds of Mana for over 200 years. She will be able to explain everything to you. There is a cannon travel center near here. I'll pay your way.

"Cannon Travel?" asked Link.

"A global network that blasts people off to where they want to go. I'll pay your way to the Water Palace. Iíll leave now and meet you there. Goodbye, er..."


"Link. Oh, I'm..."

"Jema. I saw the inscription on your armor."

"Very observant. I need to leave now. Iíll meet you at the Water Palace. Bye, Link."

"Link!" called Link, as Jema walked away.

Link turned to see Timothy. "The Elder wants you inside. NOW!"

Link went into the house. All the villagers were there.

"Link!" yelled Hydai, one of the villagers, "the reason the monsters are attacking is because YOU pulled out the Mana Sword!" The villagers all started yelling at him.

"It's settled!" yelled Vareda, the store keeper, "the monsters are going to come after Link nonstop. If he stays here, we're all doomed! We were nearly killed by the Mantis Ant! Link can't stay here anymore!"

Link was taken aback by the words he heard. Leave his home? How could they!

"I'm sorry, Link," said the Elder, "but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Link gasped. His mouth hung open, and slowly closed. Leave Potos? Potos, the only home he had. Now he was being told he wasnít wanted anymore.

"Elder!" screamed Link, "YOU CAN'T! Where will I go? What will I do?!!!"

"That's for you to figure out, brat!" yelled Hydai, "YOU pulled the sword. YOU must pay the price!" With that they all left, except the Elder.

"Link...I...." stammered the Elder, "You can take what's in the chest downstairs." Link ran down the stairs, in tears. Minki, Timothy's little sister, was down there. Link got his coat, and opened the treasure chest and found fifty gold pieces.

"Heading out?" asked Minki. "See you later!" Link sobbed. She didn't know she wouldn't see him again.

Link went upstairs. The Elder walked over to him. "I'm sorry, Link. But I have no choice." Link turned away. "I know I've told you this before," said the Elder, "but....When you were a baby, your mother brought you to this village...soon afterwards she disappeared. I have tried to do my best to raise you. Now we must part. I truly hope you can find your mother someday..."

Link knew this all too well. His mother vanished and was never seen again shortly after he was brought to Potos. Not even the Elder knew why. Link had always wondered. Was it his fault? Was he unwanted by his parents? Link fought back the tears he knew would come soon, like they always did. The salty water touched his tongue, and cool streaks ran over his cheeks. He rubbed his eyes.

"LinkÖ I love you. I always will. But his is the way it must be. Please forgive me," pleaded the Elder.

Link rushed out of the house, in tears. He went to the store, and bought a bandanna, some herbs, and candy for traveling. He then went to the gate.

"Have you everything you need?" asked the gatekeeper.

"I do," said Link, trying to hide his tears.

The gatekeeper pushed him out. "You are hereby banished from Potos Village. Now get out of here!"

Link's heart sank. It was like a . He had lived here all of his life. He turned and ran away from the village. He never wanted to see this place again.

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