by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Four


Link walked over to his house, and found the Elder, Timothy, and Elliot standing outside. The Elder wore a small hat, which sat atop his white-haired head. A long beard protruded from his chin, under which usually a smile tickled his lips. But not now.

"Link!" exclaimed the Elder, "Thank goodness you're safe! They just told me what hap-" the Elder then noticed the sword in Link's hand. "Oh, no! That's the Mana Sword!"

"THE Mana Sword?!" gasped Timothy "Legend has it that the sword has been guarding Potos for years! And if it's ever pulled out of the rock, its protection will be gone!"

"How could you have pulled the sword!" pondered the Elder aloud, "It doesn't make sense! Why would you be able to pull it out? The swords purpose is to stay here and protect-"

"Who cares WHY it happened? It DID happen and it's Links fault," accused Elliot.

"So that's why all the monsters are surrounding the village!" concluded Timothy.

Link then remembered the rabite on the road to Potos.

"You! It's your fault," intimidated Elliot, pushing Link backwards. Then he threw a punch at Link that brought him to the ground. He pulled Elliot down with him. Soon the two were into a big fight. But it ended abruptly when the ground began to shake.

"What the-?!" Link stammered. Suddenly the ground under the two boys caved in. Link fell below just in time to see Jema come out the door of the tavern.

It was dark in the cave. But the first thing the two boys noticed was a huge Mantis Ant, that had dug its way into Potos.

"HELP!" screamed Elliot," A monster! You have a sword, right? Use it!"

Link was in a panic. The Mantis Ant was going for him. He dodged his knife sharp hands.

"Hey you!" called a voice from above. Link looked up and saw Jema. Watch how the monster moves before attacking. When you have an idea of his movements, hit him with the sword. Hurry!!!"

The Mantis Ant cast a spell of sharp jewels which wounded Link. Then its knife hands struck Link with an enormous blow.

"Concentrate!" yelled Jema, "here's some candy to heal you!"

The Mantis Ant leapt two another side of the cave. Link charged it and struck the beast with all his might. The beast then started to blow up. He had done it! He also found a little orb. He put it in his pocket.

"Good job!" called Jema, "here, I'll help you two up!

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