by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Three


Link walked into Potos, his clothes dried by now. He met one of the elderly woman of the village. "Link! Did you see that??? A minute ago a bright light lit up the falls. I have a bad feeling about this!!!!!"

Link's village was small, and had only a few houses, a store, an inn, and a tavern. Link lived in the large house on the knoll with the Elder, who had taken care of him for as long as he could remember. The houses were simple, with red, adobe shingles, and walls with ivy crawling up their sides. The interiors were also simple, usually only one room with a kitchen, fireplace, and alcove with beds.

Link walked over to the store. He had found some money on the way to Potos, and he wanted to buy some candy. It always was refreshing, and sweet. As he walked by the tavern, Tyzece, a small boy, said, "Link! There's a strange man in the tavern. He looks kind of scary!!!"

"What's his name?" asked Link. He was curious.

"I don't know," said Tyzece, "he hasn't said a word."

Link pushed open the door to the tavern, and saw the familiar room where most of the people of Potos mingled. A cozy fire crackled in the corner fireplace, and behind the counter, Sedio, who was slightly older than Link, prepared a meal. He then noticed the man Tyzece had mentioned, who he guessed to be some kind of knight, judging from his garments. He wore a light red cape, plated with hard gems. His white hair disclosed his age, but the keen look in his eyes contradicted it. His pants disappeared as metal foot armor and support covered his knees down. His chest was covered by a ceremonial breastplate. He went up to the man. He wanted to ask him his name, but his armor and weaponry overwhelmed him. He did see an inscription on his armor that read "Jema: Equal of Serin". Who was Serin? And where was this guy from?

"Hey! Link!" called Sedio, as he turned around to serve one of the customers.

Link sat down at the counter on a wooden stool. He leaned close to Sedio, so the knight couldn’t hear. "Sedio! Who's that guy over there in the armor?"

"I don't know," whispered Sedio, "He just showed up. He did mumble something about something being different, and something about the falls."

"I saw an inscription on his armor," said Link, "It reads, 'Jema: Equal of Serin.' Who is Serin?"

Jema glanced over at the two for a second and then turned around.

"I don't know. The armor looks Tasnican. Maybe he's visiting Pandora, Tasnica and them being allies, you know. I could be wrong, though," surmised Sedio.

Link had heard stories about Tasnica. It was a castle on the sea, a long way west of Potos, and all of the towns in its valley. It was beyond the Lofty Mountains, and the forests beyond. Tasnica was a land of knights and battle-trained warriors. Many of the architectural styles initiated there.

"Well, we know his name is Jema," continued Sedio. "Oh! I just remembered! The Elder was looking for you. What did you do this time?"

"I went to the falls with Elliot and Timothy," confessed Link.

"Ooh! You are in trouble. That place is off limits," said Sedio. "And people say a ghost's been around there for about fifteen years! Well, it'll be OK."

"Bye!" said Link.

Jema looked over again, staring at Link. It looked like he was trying to recognize him. There was something behind those black eyes that had been hidden for years...Link could tell.........

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