by Brendan McGrath

Chapter Two


"Now I can cut through the bushes," thought Link. He thrashed the bushes aside with the sword, and got on the trail to Potos. As soon as he got on the trail, he saw a rabite! A rabite is a little beast which is normally harmless, but it could mean more dangerous monsters. But why would they come now- just like that?

Link pondered on the strange happenings of the day. What was a sword doing in the rock? Why was there a rabite on the path? And most important, who was the ghost of the man that appeared when he pulled out the sword?

And the Elder! Surely he would find out what had happened and Link would really catch it!

Link passed a sign. It read, "Forest off limits!"

If he had had the sense to listen to the sign, he wouldn't be in this mess! Link would be in trouble.....but he didn't know how much trouble...... he could never have known the consequences of his trivial actions…

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