Brendan McGrath

Secret of Mana (1997)
Chapter One: The Sword By The Falls
Chapter Two: Road to Potos
Chapter Three: Jema
Chapter Four: Mantis Ant
Chapter Five: Banished From Potos
Chapter Six: Blast To Water Palace
Chapter Seven: Mana
Chapter Eight: Blonde Girl
Chapter Nine: Pandora
Chapter Ten: Lilak
Chapter Eleven: The Spike Knuckle
Chapter Twelve: Kippo Village
Chapter Thirteen: Chobin
Chapter Fourteen: Destiny?
Chapter Fifteen: The Two Stone Pillars
Chapter Sixteen: Gaia's Navel
Chapter Seventeen: Tropicallo
Chapter Eighteen: Nasia
Chapter Nineteen: Watts and the Axe
Chapter Twenty: Part of Mana
Chapter Twenty-One: Elinee and Dyluck
Chapter Twenty-Two: Friends Forever
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Magic of Undine
Secret of Mana is unfinished.

Secret of Mana: The Lost Story (1997)

Child of Mana: Forgotten One (1997)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Tales of Fung Castle: Dragon Ride (1998)

Saga of Serin (1998)
Saga of Serin is unfinished.

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